Papa Bear

Papa Bear


Papa Bears' Portages is packed with colloidal oatmeal, rolled oats, walnut shells, and olive oil so nice. These natural minerals exfoliate the deepest parts of your skin, while filling your pores with nourishment. Naturally colored with chocolate, walnut shells, and coffee, this wonderful exfoliating bar is a triple treat! This sweet and spicy musk bar is enjoyed by both men and women which makes it hard to keep this one from the Goldilocks that sneaks into all your goodies.

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This sounds like food

Made with edible ingredients I assure you this bar should not be consumed. We love creating bars that are packed with everyday goodies. This bar is truly unique. Here we have a collection delicious treats to soothe the body.


This oatmeal soap helps to cleanse the face and the entire body. It also provides soothing protection for the skin, and a delicious exfoliation. We added cocoa powder for rich vitamins, minerals and vitamins with anti-aging properties that soften the skin and reduce the sight of wrinkles. Next, we added walnut shells powder which is often used to tend to skin issues like acne, eczema, blisters and even ringworm. Many individuals also use it to treat more serious skin problems such as psoriasis and canker sores. Nutshell powder can generally be used to treat skin conditions that occur as a result of fungal infection. Lastly, to top it all off we based the bar with a 5% superfat of Olive Oil to have your skin smooth like silk.