Family inspired. Family operated.

Zambo Aroma is dedicated to combining art, beauty, and education to promote a healthy and healing community. 

Zambo Aroma specialize in crafting herbal infused artisanal soaps and all natural body care products, including lotion, natural lip balms, sugar scrubs, exfoliating soaps and more. Our soaps are made by hand, the old-fashioned way, using natural oils and botanicals. Each item is not just skin care but a work of art created to promote self-care and love.

Located in New York City, we are a small, family owned business. Zambo Aroma has been making handmade soap and bath products since 2006. We use high quality ingredients Our passion is to educate, inspire, and link quality, products affordable prices while providing you with the most pleasant customers experience.

We are very excited to announce that we are opening a brick and mortar store This year! You can also find some of our products in retail boutiques, salons, and pharmacies around the New York City Area. If you don't see your favorite retailer listed, ask their owner or purchasing manager to contact us. You can also find us on location at various events and street fairs thought the summer months. 


Tree Alexander

I'm Tree Alexander the CEO and Founder of The Zambo Collective LLC. This venture began from the need of self-care and exist purely for self-care. As a at home dad with five children and a advocate in the community, things can get a bit crazy. With the constant variations in our schedule finding "me-time" could easily take weeks. I would tell myself that caring for my kids was all that mattered. The problem was when the really stressful moments came it would wipe me out. When getting "me-time" the coordination could be a monster and so much easier just put off. It was when i realized that i don't need "me-time" for self-care, and that moment sparked my search for balance. 

It took a few expensive teas, diets, and even a gym membership before i realized that my ultimate self-care was simply my self care. A nice hot shower or a long soothing bath became my active meditation. With a passion for creative arts and the knowledge of soap making Zambo Aroma became my hobby and a way to recharge my battery so that I be the ultimate dad. As i shared my new found energy and scent creations I was also encouraged to share my art and products. Zambo Aroma is my way of sharing my art, creativity, inspiration, and good energy in hopes that you too will be motivated to take an extra five minutes for self-care.


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